GIS Inventory Verification

Up-to-date data is critical to maximizing the benefits of your geographic information systems (GIS). Davey Resource Group's (DRG) updated services allow you to reap the benefits of accurate information while using your GIS data on a daily basis. Most importantly, you own the data. It is completely secure and transferable on demand.

Our GIS inventory and verification services allow a utility to eliminate training costs and reduce administrative expenses, while improving job cost accuracy and time and shift resources for other key projects.

DRG strives to be on the cutting edge with tools and technologies used to manage assets. For example, we have successfully applied and customized our software to dozens of projects. ROWKeeper™ is a line of software products that we have developed and used for right-of-way management activities. This software uses pen-based computers for collection of geographical reference data. A web site is also included to effectively manage data through the field inventory process.


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