Facility Inspections

Davey Resource Group (DRG) has the experience, qualified personnel and commitment to help utilities locate, inspect and map the core infrastructure they rely on. We have helped hundreds of utilities and telecommunications clients with comprehensive asset management services in everything from joint-use audits and field inventories to pole inspections and even storm response.

DRG will take a well-developed, systematic approach to completing your project, no matter what size, scope or time frame. Our extensive experience, gained through hundreds of projects, will ensure your goals will be met or exceeded through an effective and accurate process.

This “real-time” quality control process has proven effective on multiple projects and has been demonstrated to be the most efficient way to consistently deliver project data in an expedited manner that meets or exceeds your quality standards. Often, collected data, production reports and other information are made available to clients for review within hours of field collection through Web-based access to a central project database. Once data is collected in the field, checked for quality and processed as necessary, DRG will create the final deliverable to seamlessly integrate with your current system.


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