Efficient Management Of A Sustainable Tree Population Starts With A Plan

Davey Resource Group, Inc. creates personalized urban forestry management plans that detail what is required to manage and maintain healthy, safe, and sustainable tree populations in communities small and large.

Our ISA Certified Arborists® and urban foresters deliver turn-key solutions to maximize tree resources and their long-term benefits.

We have proven experience working with internal and external stakeholders to understand and achieve a community’s unique urban forestry goals.

Tree Inventory Management

DRG's Urban Forestry Management Planning Services

Our team is equipped to provide you with any of the following information needed for your community’s management plan:

  • Urban forestry master plans
  • Tree inventories
  • Data collection and analyses
  • Invasive species mitigation
  • Species selection
  • Planting programs
  • Maintenance schedules

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Urban Forest Management Plan

What Is An Urban Forest Management Plan?

Urban forestry management plans act as a roadmap for a city to establish and execute urban forestry goals over a certain set of time. These customized plans can help cities increase their urban tree canopy, create cost-effective maintenance routines, build partnerships between local stakeholders and the city, and help reach cities’ sustainability goals. Urban forest management plans aim to maximize the long-term benefits of trees within their respective community.

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