Storm Prep & Support Systems For Trees

Damaged trees can pose a significant safety risk on your property. A Davey professional can mitigate those risks with safety inspections and tree health assessments, and reinforce trees in need of bracing.

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Tree Safety Is A Number One Priority At Davey

Mitigate tree safety risks with Davey’s storm damage prevention and support structure systems for trees. Our tree safety solutions, like tree cabling and bracing, help de-stress, strengthen and protect your trees.

Davey’s certified arborists specialize in tree risk assessments to determine if a tree poses a threat to you and your property.

A Tree Safety Inspection Includes An Assessment Of Tree Health To Spot Potential Weaknesses

Tree inspections are vital to keeping them safe in the event of...

Severe Weather

A preventative, pre-storm inspection can better prepare your tree for severe weather and help to protect your home and valuables during your region’s storm season.

Our arborists will work with you on a plan to better prepare your trees for lightning, drought, flooding, extreme winds, snow and ice storms, and even hurricanes.

Hidden Tree Damage

Not all tree risks are easy to spot. Davey’s professional ISA Certified Arborists go beyond first glance and look at the tree’s soil conditions, root system, overall health and other factors that influence a tree’s risk potential.

To Ensure The Safety Of Your Trees And Surroundings, We Offer:

Lightning Protection System

Lightning Protection System

Lightning protection systems proactively protect your trees from lightning damage.

Tree Cabling & Bracing System

Tree Cabling & Bracing System

Cabling and bracing reduce stress damage from high winds, the weight of ice or snow and heavy foliage.

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Storm Damage Decay

Signs Of A Storm Damaged Tree

Do you have a tree leaning after a strong storm?

By conducting a tree risk assessment, your certified arborist can determine if the tree’s structure has been affected.

Look for these clear signs that your storm-damaged tree is in trouble:

  • Trees with cracks that affect more than half of the main trunk generally need to be removed.
  • If your tree is leaning and lost half of its branches, your tree may need to be removed.

If the tree is leaning close to your home, car or common area, it could be posing an immediate threat.

Storm Damage

A Storm Damaged My Trees! What Do I Do?

Storm damage to trees can be alarming.

If you spot any of these signs, we recommend contacting your local certified arborist:

  • Hanging or broken branches
  • Splits in tree branches
  • Broken or uneven treetop (also called the canopy)
  • Decay, holes, splits or cavities in tree trunk
  • Uprooted or toppled tree
  • Entire tree leaning
Davey Experience Arborist

Certified Arborists & An Accredited Company

Our certified tree doctors are committed to you and the health and safety of your trees. ISA Certified Arborists have taken the opportunity to further their education and apply their advanced skills to every client interaction.

Davey is also recognized as an accredited tree care company. Our TCIA accreditation represents our position as a tree service company committed to safety, expertise and professionalism.

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