Safeguard & Preserve Trees During Construction Projects

Trees provide endless value and benefits to every landscape. So, before a project begins, it is essential to ensure the protection of trees during construction projects.

Davey Resource Group (DRG) offers guidance on tree preservation and tree root protection before, during, and after construction.

Too often this step is overlooked, which can make the difference in preserving a healthy tree or having to remove it.

Our ISA Certified Arborists® and consulting foresters provide tree risk assessment reports, tree root protection zone calculations, mapping of critical root zones, soil analyses, on-site monitoring, tree preservation action plans, and long-term plant health care strategies.

We have worked with a range of clients, from universities and municipalities to architects and developers.

Backed by industry-leading research and more than a century of tree care experience, DRG’s turn-key construction tree protection plans and tree preservation services help maintain tree health and beauty while contractors work on-site—and long after they leave.

How To Calculate Tree Protection Zone

Solutions For Every Landscaping & Construction Project

DRG’s ISA Certified Arborists® and consulting foresters have worked with a range of clients, from universities and municipalities to architects and developers. We provide protection of trees on construction and development sites through such tree preservation services as:

  • Tree risk assessment reports
  • Tree and tree root protection zone calculations
  • Mapping of critical root zones and trees to correspond with project plans and landscape designs
  • Soil analyses
  • On-site monitoring
  • Tree preservation action plans
  • Plant healthcare strategies

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Municipality Arborist Reports

Tree Preservation Plan Requirements By Municipality

Communities value neighbourhood trees, and the protection of trees is a vital component to maintaining urban tree canopy cover with all the environmental benefits trees provide.

Tree preservation plans are a critical part of planning for construction, whether it involves individual properties or the development of large sites. Many municipalities require these reports to meet city by-laws. 

By-laws vary for tree protection, so confirm your city's pre-project requirements by contacting your City Forestry Department or visiting your city’s website.

Tree Damage During Construction

How Are Trees Damaged During Construction?

Construction projects can be devastating to trees onsite if no protection methods are taken before the project begins.

Common tree damage caused by construction includes:

  • Root cutting
  • Physical injury to trunk and crown
  • Soil compaction
  • Exposure to elements

All these injuries can result in costly tree removals or even city fines. Proper planning and care are essential to preserving trees on building sites. But keep in mind, not all trees should be preserved either.

What Is A Tree Protection Zone (2)

What Is A Tree Protection Zone?

The tree protection zone is an arborist-defined area that marks the roots and soil of the critical root zone—the area where roots essential for tree health are located. Before and during construction projects, trained arborists are brought on-site to help calculate the tree protection zone and determine if the project will need to be re-evaluated to preserve trees on the job site.

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