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With decades of experience in municipal and management operations, our project-based contract foresters assist clients with staffing and managing complex initiatives.

Alternatively, Davey can also serve as your city’s forester and conduct tree inspections, perform contract-based pruning or removal, train in-house staff, and prepare grant applications.

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DRG’s Experience As Consulting Foresters

Based on your unique needs, our team has the experience to assist with a variety of project types and managerial tasks, including:

  • Large-scale tree planting goals
  • Invasive pest management
  • Water-related emergencies
  • Construction
  • Capital improvement projects
  • Manage city contractors
  • Take homeowner requests
  • Coordinate events
  • Perform site inspections
  • Provide updated reports

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Tree Inventory Management

Why Hire A Forestry Consultant?

Consulting foresters provide essential, high-quality work without the commitment of a full-time team member. When workload is varying or seasonal, onboarding a consulting forester also allows for budget flexibility.

Forestry Consultant

What Does A Forestry Consultant Do For You?

Consulting foresters are experienced professionals who perform site inspections, provide updated reports, and are key utility players that can plug into a client’s urban forestry program to help meet their goals. Consulting foresters are professionally trained specialists who can provide objective opinions and recommendations to help clients create a strong, successful urban forest.

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