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Urban Forestry Software & Geospatial Solutions

TreeKeeper® Urban Forestry Management Software

As more communities focus attention on environmental sustainability, climate change, urban heat island effect, storm water management and air pollution, accurate data and proper analysis will become imperative for urban forestry management. Davey Resource Group (DRG) provides you with a comprehensive viewpoint through our software management suite, including TreeKeeper® and AssetManager.

Since no two cities are the same, we customize all our solutions to meet your needs—no matter how difficult. DRG’s software allows you to:

  • Track work histories and costs for each tree
  • Record citizen requests for service and information
  • Create work orders for crews and contractors
  • Evaluate planting sites
  • Calculate tree values and benefits
  • Accurately determine budgets

With advanced GIS and remote sensing software capabilities, DRG enables you to understand the importance of your existing urban tree canopy and identify various types of community forestry management opportunities.

>>Learn more about TreeKeeper's capabilities

Urban Forestry Geospatial Solutions

As one of the pioneers and leading companies providing geographical information system services across North America, our team of professionals routinely assemble and analyze spatial data for a variety of geographic projects. We support both internal DRG utility, urban forestry, and ecological services as well as external stakeholders directly. 

DRG specializes in innovative technology software development, spatial tracking, environmental modeling, geospatial data management, and cartography. We are a silver partner and have an established Esri Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) contract to support our continued growth and development. Our depth of experience, professionalism and qualified staff including Certified Geographic Information System Professionals (GISP) prove to deliver unmatched, tailored solutions within the urban forestry industry.

Our services include:

  • Database development for assessment and tracking
  • Geospatial data management
  • GIS and remote sensing analysis
  • Environmental modeling
  • Field data collection programs (including tablet, mobile Toughbook etc.)
  • Web hosted data platforms

With advanced GIS and remote sensing software capabilities, our GIS analysts utilize an object-based image analysis (OBIA) classification approach to process and analyze high-resolution imagery. This technique allows a more accurate and cost-effective automated extraction of each land cover feature.

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