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Davey Canada Through the Years

Davey has been Canada's professional tree service since 1930. Canadian operations have continued to grow and further supplement the company’s success within the U.S. From providing financial support during the economic turmoil of 1930s America to acquiring several Canadian companies in the late 20th and 21st centuries, Davey Canada has and continues to expand upon the vision John Davey began so long ago.

The Early Years

1930 – The Davey Tree Expert Company of Canada, Ltd., was incorporated.

1939 – Davey Canada planted nearly 5,000 trees for the Federal District Commission of Ottawa in preparation for a visit by King George VI.

Growth and Expansion

1945 – Davey Canada began hydro work in the London area, as well as residential work in the Greater Toronto Area.

1950 – Gord Elliot began the development of the London territory.

1952 – Davey Canada built its Toronto office.

1971 – John Miller became Vice President and General Manager of Davey Canada. A few years later, Harvey Windover established the Niagara territory.

1986 – Blaire Sayers became Vice President and General Manager of Davey Tree Limited and Rod Soderstrom became Vice President and General Manager of Davey Tree Services.

1989 – Davey Canada acquired Canadian Shade.

1990 – Davey Canada acquired The Vancouver Tree People.

1993 – Toronto territory divided to create the Mississauga territory.

1997 – Davey Canada acquired Gwinnett and Blue Grass.

1998 – Davey Canada further divided its Toronto territory into Toronto West and Toronto East. That same year, Davey Canada mobilized more than 100 crews to assist recovery efforts from a record eastern ice storm.

2000 – Davey Canada acquired Beaver Tree.

2001 – Davey Canada acquired Quick Shade. A few years later, Davey Canadian operations further expanded when the Mississauga territory divided to create the Hamilton territory and London divided to create the Kitchener territory.

2006 – Western Ontario Utility operations began.

2007 – Davey Canada acquired The Treeman.

2009 – The Burnaby territory began operations when the Vancouver territory split.

Canadian Operations Today

2010 – Davey Canada created the Muskoka North satellite. The large volume of growth and expansion Davey Canada has experienced throughout its existence moved its corporate office from Burlington to Ancaster this decade.

2011 – Davey Canada acquired Complete Tree. James Doyle becomes Vice President and General Manager of Davey Tree Limited.

2014 - Davey Canada adds a third Toronto office.

Today – James Doyle leads all Canadian operations as Executive Vice President and General Manager. Mike Nash and Blair Veitch were promoted to Vice Presidents of Operations as well.

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