Joint Use Services

Field Inventory and Verification of Facilities, Poles and Equipment

Davey Resource Group (DRG) employees will inventory poles, hardware and facilities for a variety of utility solutions. This includes an upgrade of a geographic information system, load and engineering studies, and maintenance and restoration needs.

Joint-Use Audit, Inspection and Inventories and Management

DRG provides complete solutions to meet all the needs of your joint-use program. Through a field inventory of poles with cable television or other attachments, we identify and record the locations and ownership of each pole. DRG also will work with attachers to negotiate contracts, manage attachment requests, audit payment records, coordinate right-of-way access, develop attachment databases and increase the efficiency of the joint-use management process.

Two-Pole Removal and Management

In response to the needs of our utility clients, DRG now provides a solution for the issue of two-pole conditions. DRG will find and inventory locations where a two-pole condition exists, contract with attachers to complete the necessary transfers, remove the pole and bill all necessary parties.

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