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PGE Distribution System Inventory Vegetation Management Consulting

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Vegetation Management Consulting: PG&E Distribution System Inventory

Davey Resource Group (DRG) completed a 100 percent subject pole and tree inventory of Pacific Gas & Electric's entire 97,000-mile distribution system.

More than 150 personnel were assigned to PG&E's project, which included in excess of 4.5 million trees and 160,000 subject poles. Growth of trees was projected several years into the future. This project demonstrated our capabilities for managing large projects as it covered an area from the California/Oregon border to just north of Los Angeles. Vegetation was highly varied within the service territory, and a wide range of climatic conditions was encountered.

This project included a large team of dedicated personnel working independently with established quality control procedures. Many DRG employees gained valuable supervisory and project management experience during this project.

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