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Manitoba Hydro Vegetation Management Program Analysis Vegetation Management Consulting

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Manitoba Hydro: Vegetation Management Program Analysis

Manitoba Hydro (MBHydro) relied on Davey Resource Group (DRG) to perform a comprehensive analysis of its program to help improve the efficiency and quality of the utility's vegetation management operations and reduce associated costs.

In the autumn of 2007, DRG interviewed MBHydro personnel involved with vegetation management at regional and system manager levels. Results of the interviews provided comparisons with industry practices throughout North America. DRG presented a final report in spring 2008.

MBHydro developed annual workload goals and forecasts for 10 years based on a DRG workload survey. Goal optimizations uncovered a potential to cut half of the operations and maintenance expenses associated with vegetation management.

A trained DRG utility forester performed the statistical survey of the vegetation workload on its system. The forester used a pen-based computer, loaded with base maps from the utility's geographic information system (GIS), and collected statistically significant vegetation data to facilitate analysis.

MBHydro is a Crown corporation that delivers electricity to more than 1 million people throughout the province of Manitoba. MBHydro comprises about 516,000 electric metres and includes residential, commercial and industrial consumers from urban and suburban areas to open grasslands and native forested areas.

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