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Central Vermont Public Service GPS Field Inventory GIS Inventory Verification

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GIS Inventory & Verification: Central Vermont Public Service GPS Field Inventory

From 2001 to 2002, Southeastern Reprographics, Inc. (SRI), performed field inventory services for Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) to help update its system.

CVPS had made a significant investment in geographic information system (GIS) data and wanted to improve the integrity of the existing system without sacrificing quality. SRI created a custom inventory tool using Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) based MapObjects and the Trimble Navigation software developer's toolkit.

The SRI tool enabled field technicians to take existing GIS data into the field for verification and update. Additionally, sub-meter global positioning system (GPS) points were taken and able to be post processed and differentially corrected. The SRI field tool not only allowed for the generation of on-the-fly unique identification of features based on street/line numbers but was also integrated with a digital camera.

While SRI field technicians were taking GPS locations, they were also able to capture geographic connectivity of the primary and secondary distribution system. When completed, all updated feature data including connectivity, load direction and phase orientation were pushed back into the original Intergraph system. The improvements helped the utility save time and money because the accurate data assisted with better maintenance, staking, engineering and other purposes.

CVPS is an independent, investor-owned company providing energy and energy-related services to customers throughout Vermont. It is the largest of the state's 21 utilities, serving 155,000 customers.

SRI is part of the Davey Resource Group (DRG) team providing innovative solutions for utilities.

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