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Invasive Pest Management & Forest Health Surveys

Davey Resource Group (DRG) has extensive experience developing and executing invasive species management (ISM) programs across North America. Our commitment to scientifically-based arboricultural, horticultural, and environmental services has been well recognized by all levels of government.

DRG professionals have led efforts to reduce the impact of various pest and disease outbreaks in Canada. Ever since the emerald ash borer (EAB) invaded the Canadian province of Ontario in 2002, Davey arborists and researchers have used innovative pest management strategies to prevent and control EAB populations from invading several other areas of Canada. We have also helped manage other pests and diseases, including the Asian Long-Horned Beetle, Dutch Elm Disease, Gypsy Moth, and Canker Worm.

Backed by the largest tree care company, we have unmatched capacity to manage pest populations and develop containment strategies. Our services include:

  • Ground and Aerial Inspection/Surveys: We provide ground survey and aerial inspection to understand the extent of invasive pests and produce data to manage populations and eradicate risks.
  • Invasive Pest Management Program Development: Our staff develops responses to the insect based on industry standards, as well as specific local requirements. Solutions may range from chemical treatments, to encouragement of natural predators, to the management of human actions.
  • Chemical Treatment and Planning: We provide safe and cost effective solutions to existing or potentially damaging insects and/or diseases. DRG/ISM can offer several treatment options, including environmentally-preferred products, which are administered by our licensed tree care professionals.
  • GIS and Data Management: DRG/ISM utilizes Davey’s proprietary GIS-based software to collect, store, and manage its client’s data in a way that best suits the client’s needs for each particular project.
  • Project Management and Contract Personnel: We ensure that each project runs on schedule, within project budget and scope.
  • Research Projects: Scientists and field technicians at our in-house research and training facility, The Davey Institute, offer guidance to our field service teams to provide the best approaches to pest and disease cultural control utilizing the latest scientific methods.

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