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  Consulting Arborists & Report Writing

Trees provide endless value and benefits to every landscape, but they can easily sustain damage if not properly protected. Davey Resource Group’s (DRG) experienced and certified consultants understand how to preserve and protect your trees. Our ISA Certified Arborists offer guidance on tree preservation and tree root protection before, during and after construction.

DRG professionals also make sure your project follows protocol. In many jurisdictions, it is mandated that developers, builders, or homeowners develop a plan of action regarding their private trees or municipally owned trees. Davey staff are experienced in navigating regulations throughout Canada to ensure clients understand what is required in their unique cases.

Customizable construction consulting and implementation services

  • Tree inventory and vegetation inventory, including GIS-based tree inventories
  • Arborist and tree inventory reports, including all reports defined by your local municipality
  • Tree preservation, protection, and conservation plans
  • Installation and construction of tree protection fencing, as defined by tree preservation plans
  • Arborist on-site supervision and excavation monitoring, as well as other consulting activities required to preserve trees during construction
  • Non-invasive root exploration
  • Arborist letter of assurance and undertaking
  • Plant health care strategies and tree health assessments reports
  • Arboriculture litigation consulting and expert witness testimony
  • Hazardous tree identification and certified tree risk assessments, using ISA’s tree risk assessment qualified (TRAQ) reports
  • Special tree designation reports, including historic and heritage trees, and tree appraisal
  • Butternut health assessments

Backed by leading research from the Davey Institute and extensive experience, our turn-key tree protection plans and tree preservation services help maintain tree health and beauty throughout your construction projects.

Contact us to discuss your consulting needs for an upcoming project or local municipality requirement.

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