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Professional Training

Training isn't just something that Davey does...it's what Davey is

Davey Canada employees attend classes, study online, get hands on practical training...but education at Davey is more than that. It is part of every interaction between co-workers, between worker and supervisor and between worker and trainer.

Yes, every field employee benefits from the research into best practices and the structure of training that moves that information into the field, but the most important part of training and education is an atmosphere that promotes and supports a culture of learning. Since its founding, the Davey Tree Expert Company has committed itself to making sure each employee has all the tools he or she needs to deliver to the client the best possible care.

Each and every Davey Canada client benefits from our industry-leading employee training programs. The Davey Institute's ongoing education programs ensure that our employees are highly skilled and able to diagnose and treat every property owner's needs.

Our educational programs are recognized throughout the green industry as the best, and Davey Canada employees can even earn their associate's degree while at Davey.

We have developed a curriculum of courses in tree, shrub and lawn care, plant health care, work-site safety and management skills that keep our field teams up to date on the newest strategies and materials to treat your property.

Davey is a learning and teaching organization. We significantly invest in training our field teams to ensure the best techniques are used consistently at every job site. Training is a part of our daily routine, and we offer the Davey Institute Online for our field teams to keep up to date at all times.

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