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i-Tree, a cooperative initiative between The Davey Tree Expert Company, the USDA forest Service, Arbor Day Foundation®, Society of Municipal Arborists, International Society of Arboriculture® and Casey Trees®, analyzes urban forests to assess the benefits trees provide. The USDA Forest Service provides this state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed software suite to help communities improve the management of their urban forests and strengthen their advocacy efforts.

Since i-Tree Tools were initially released in August 2006, the software has helped countless communities, non-profit organizations, consultants, volunteers and students quantify the value and structure of trees within neighborhoods, cities and states. i-Tree helps people understand the beneficial ecological services trees provide, which links urban forestry management with the quality of the environment and the community.

i-Tree 5.0

The latest version of i-Tree, 5.0, has created more opportunities for international markets to take advantage of i-Tree Tools. Now, Canadian and Australian markets also have access to i-Tree's most recent technological advancements, which include the ability to calculate human health benefits acquired from trees.

i-Tree's updates have increased the functionality of all the tools it provides. For example, i-Tree can calculate ways trees can reduce asthma cases and missed work days due to illness, as well as the dollar values associated with these benefits.

i-Tree Tools are accessible within the public domain. More than 10,000 people, representing more than 100 countries, are using i-Tree Tools, but potential for much more growth exists. i-Tree's developers hope to soon replicate its new capabilities with partners in Brazil, Asia and Western Europe.

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