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Diagnostics Lab

John Davey, the founder of The Davey Tree Expert Company, believed tree care is a science. His original business plan included a technical development and research department to bring modern scientific data to our clients' properties.

The Davey Institute's diagnostics lab houses the scientists and technical advisors that guide our field service teams through diagnoses and analytical processes. We prescribe the best products and application procedures for pest and disease management within the landscapes of our clients—something that sets Davey apart from other industry leaders.

Our diagnostic lab fosters thorough knowledge and relevant experience, which benefit the quality of services we provide our clients. The diversity among our technical teams, including experts with several unique skill sets from specific geographic regions, offers effective solutions to clients' plant health care needs.

Davey experts, who are scientists with advanced degrees in fields such as entomology, horticulture, urban forestry, forestry, turf, agronomy, plant pathology, plant physiology, computer science and botany, train our technicians and address specific client needs.

Davey's technical teams have also helped develop new technologies to assist governments and large commercial properties inventory, analyze and quantify the environmental services their tree populations provide.

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