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  Davey Institute

Since its founding in 1880, Davey has helped define the science of tree surgery. Company founder John Davey believed tree care is a science, and the original business plan included a technical development and research department to bring the leading science of the day to our clients’ properties via our field service teams.

Today, the scientists and technical advisors at The Davey Institute guide field service teams in diagnosing and prescribing the best products, application procedures and pest and disease cultural practices to be used at each client’s site.

Experts with a particular focus on plant health care and a specific geographic region staff Davey’s technical teams. These experts train our technicians and serve as resources to address the specific needs of our clients.

Finally, in addition to pathology and materials expertise, Davey teams develop new technologies to help governments and large commercial properties inventory, analyze and quantify the environmental services’ benefits their tree populations provide.

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