FirstEnergy Padmount Inspections for PUC Compliance Facility Inspections

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Facility Inspections: FirstEnergy Padmount Inspections for PUC Compliance

Davey Resource Group (DRG) inspected approximately 10,000 FirstEnergy padmount transformers to ensure compliancy with Public Utilities Commission requirements.

We collected the following information throughout the utility's Mansfield, Ohio, territory:

  • Substation/circuit information
  • Equipment type/number
  • Inspection of exterior condition
  • Inspection of padmount transformer for oil leakage
  • Bolt/locking mechanism present
  • Soil erosion around padmount
  • Vegetation clearance issues
  • In addition, we placed warning and inspection stickers where necessary. DRG also provided Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates to update FirstEnergy's geographic information system (GIS) database.

Work was completed in 2007.

FirstEnergy Corp. is a diversified electric company headquartered in Akron. Its seven electric utility operating companies comprise the nation's fifth largest investor-owned electric system, serving 4.5 million customers.

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