Tree Keeper

TreeKeeper 7.7 is Davey Resource Group's (DRG) newest tree management software. It continues the TreeKeeper product line that has successfully led the industry for more than 15 years.

Read about the benefits of TreeKeeper below or try an online demo.

TreeKeeper 7.7 is designed to:

  • Manage tree inventories
  • Manage calls received from residents of a community
  • Manage work orders created internally and from calls received
  • Create flexible reports for all data
  • Provide an integrated mapping system with no additional software required

TreeKeeper 7.7 can be implemented either:

  • TreeKeeper Subscription (Davey-hosted)
  • TreeKeeper Network (Client-hosted)

We also offer various incentives for you to upgrade to TreeKeeper 7.7 from any pre-existing tree management software package.


TreeKeeper 7.7 was designed with customization in mind. For example, when you create a tree site, you can connect various types of information to it. Tree sites can track multiple tree attributes (such as species, condition, DBH and recommended maintenance), which can be set up per your specifications. This versatility means TreeKeeper 7.7 is very conversion-friendly.

Call histories and work histories for a tree site can also be stored and easily accessible.

You can also upload electronic files and link them to the tree site. For instance, you can insert and link digital photos or spreadsheets for each tree.

At DRG, we have more than 15 years of experience creating tree management software. We have been involved in more than 400 inventory projects. Our software is flexible, powerful and easy to use. To meet your needs, tree experts guide the design process of the software.

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