Arborist Reports 101

What is an Arborist Report?

Arborist reports document the condition of a tree, note issues, damage or areas of concern and provide information about the cause of issues, including site conditions, pest or disease threats and mechanical injury. Recommendations actions should be noted, which may include site remediation, increasing vigor through fertilization or injections, pest control, air spading to examine and treat root issues, or pruning and removal, if needed.

Arborist reports are also required to meet city by-laws in many municipalities, as one of the documents required to obtain permission to remove a tree.

Do I Need an Arborist Report?

City Forestry Department websites will provide information on whether arborist reports are needed in your community.  Communities vary in their bylaw requirements for tree protection.  Please contact your city’s website, or call the city to obtain information about your specific project requirements.

Why are Arborist Reports Important?

Arborist reports help provide information about the health and condition of specific trees, including the cause of the problem and actions that may be taken to alleviate the problem. Arborist reports are also important for city foresters to help determine which trees can be taken down without undue loss to the community.

As an example, a native butternut in good condition is a rare tree that requires protection, while a dead or diseased tree may be taken down with replacement trees to be planted to ensure the long-term health of the urban canopy. City foresters work hard to preserve and enhance the beauty, environmental benefits and public safety of the urban forests in our communities, which benefit all.

Who Can Do Arborist Reports?

Arborist reports should be prepared by professionals in arboriculture, who have extensive experience with tree assessment. Davey Resource Group (DRG) arborists who perform arborist reports and tree preservation plans are graduates of post-secondary colleges or universities specializing in arboriculture, forestry or horticulture, with additional qualifications such as International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist or the highest qualification ISA offers, Board Certified Master Arborist. Davey has been in the tree care business for more than 130 years, but DRG is the highly respected consulting division of Davey Canada.

Contact us today to meet with one of our arborists to create a tree preservation plan or arborist report that can move your project ahead while preserving valuable trees that benefit your community.


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