Urban Forestry | Management Planning

Management Planning

Davey uses tree inventory data to develop yearly maintenance plans and long-term management recommendations to keep urban forests healthy and safe.
Implementation of a comprehensive management plan leads to healthier, safer and more efficiently maintained urban forests. Based on tree inventory data, Davey Resource Group (DRG) will develop plans that provide yearly maintenance and long-term management recommendations, including species selection, planting programs, conservation and preservation ordinances, and a schedule of maintenance activities to keep trees healthy.

In the past, our plans have also educated citizens about wildfire safety and creating fire safe properties, as well as shared information about grants that could fund fuel reduction throughout the city.

In general, management plans provide a comprehensive multi-year schedule of maintenance activities designed to mitigate potential high-risk trees and a complete tree care budget. The result is a document that coordinates activities between multiple city departments for the more efficient establishment and care of the city’s urban forest.

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